Cabano, a brand built for success

In 2003 the Cabano company started with a small team of dedicated employees, we quickly managed to establish our Cabano Outerwear collection in the market through hard work, persistance and refusing to compromise on quality. The main focus of the product range is to produce stylish, top quality outdoor jackets and casual blazers for men.

Cabano primarily supplies the specialist independant retailer. We have a proven record of supplying a quality product at an attractive price point that is delivered in a timely manner.  Our customers continue to order season after season as the collection continues to sell through consistently. We concentrate our manufacturing on proven production facilities in Vietnam and Europe, which guarantees our high quality and processing standards with punctual delivery.

Cabano has a broad distribution network  and is represented in all fashion centers in our home country, Germany. We also have a large export business to over 30 countries, we have a particularly strong presence in Europe, and also supply further afield in countries including the USA and Russia. Cabano has truly implemented the concept of worldwide fashion.

Cabano has achieved a lot in the last 15 years and we are proud of the trust which the customer has in us. 

The growth of our collection has lead us to communicate our visions and values for the brand more clearly, and to sharpen the Cabano profile in order to differentiate us from the competition.

From our success with Cabano, we launched a new brand, New Canadian, we thought of this idea because Cabano is also a place in Canada. We drew inspiration for this new collection from the landscape around this region, the city, urban landscapes, water and wilderness all so close together combining harmoniously. We saw this range of diversity and applied it to the design and development of our collection.

Whether it is a New Canadian or Cabano jacket each brand defines its own identity.  However, one thing remains the same, in the design of each individual jacket there is plenty of thought, creativity and attention to detail, it is this that turns an outdoor jacket into a Cabano or New Canadian jacket.